Here's How Astronauts Poop In Space!!

Peggy Whitson is a real astronaut that works for NASA. After spending 665 days in space aboard the International Space Station I'm 100% certain that she is more than qualified to explain this necessary process!

Apparently going #1 is quite a bit easier than the entire #2 experience.
(I can't believe I am actually blogging about this!)

Really intrigued and interested to see exactly how it all goes down on the ISS??

Watch the video below:


Keep in mind that Peggy spent almost TWO YEARS on board the ISS and using that equipment!!!

Not sure if I would want to "do my business" that way for even a day. DAMN!!!

The whole thing about converting #1 into drinkable water really freaks me out!!!


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If you're really into this space stuff then you might be interested in watching the next video:



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