Ever Wonder Why Every Publix In Florida Has A Scale?

If you grew up in Florida you know that every Publix has a giant scale right by the entrance. In fact, you have probably been hopping on it your entire life...it's kind of a tradition. I can remember fighting with my brothers on who would go on it first. It sounds dumb but you know you have done this! Heck some people even weigh their bags on them before they head to the airport.

Just a heads up, it's not a normal thing to see in a grocery store. Back in 1940 Publix founder George Jenkins opened his first store and put one of these bad boys upfront. During that time it was rare to see a scale anywhere other than a doctors office. Ever since then, all of the Publix stores in Florida had one. Three years ago the company who made them stopped so Publix started stockpiling them in a Florida warehouse.


New Publix stores opening in Tennesee, Georgia, Alabama, Carolinas and Virgina will not have the "people weigher" in their stores. Don't worry all the current stores in Florida and new ones will have that glorious scale. After all it's a Florida tradition & what would shopping be without a little fun on the scale


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