Walter The Opera-Singing French Bulldog


Most people have seen a dog bark to get attention.  Whether it's for a treat, to go outside, or maybe just because he or she wants a little attention.  

But... have you ever seen a dog sing opera?

Meet Walter the Opera-Singing French Bulldog!  His bark is very unique.  In fact, it sounds like he is singing!  

This video isn't only getting the attention of Walter's owner... it's getting a whole lot of attention from everyone on the Internet too!

This cute little guy also has his own Instagram account which has over 71,000 followers!  Most of the time, he is found sitting and staring at the camera while his mom, Amber Martin, snaps a quick pic or video showing off his amazing talents.

Apparently, French Bulldogs are known for their funny vocalizations.  They seldom bark, but they do like to talk using “a complex system of yawns, yips, and gargles.”



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