FBI Agent Accidentally Shoots Person When Gun Goes Off After Sweet Flip


Sweet back flip broooo! Too bad a person got in the way of your bullet or everyone would have been talking about your epic dance moves and not the whole shooting someone thing. I believe that's why guns have safeties? But what do I know that an FBI agent doesn't? Has anyone acted more casual after they just fired a gun into a crowd than this dude? Sure it was an accident but he acted like he spilled a drink! Hands up and going "whoops" is not an okay reaction for this situation. At the very least you need to go see if you hit anyone (which he did) and hopefully it's not life threatening (which it wasn't). Not sure about the laws when it comes to off duty FBI agents and their firearms, but I would imagine if he was drinking or drunk that could be a big issue. You know, considering he shot someone. Imagine if you were that person who got shot? Hanging at the club enjoying yourself and next thing you know you get shot in the leg by a clown in a plaid shirt doing back-flips. Talk about screwing up your night.  




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