Chinese Police Show Perfect Defense Against A Knife Attack!


You know how to stop a bad guy with a knife? A good guy with a knife!!!! Oh wait, sorry that's guns or something like that. Anyways, loved this video because it's hilarious and informative. Sure they could show you how to physically disarm a knife wielding criminal, but most people would end up getting unnecessarily stabbed. And I would say that's a bad thing. This technique will work every time when you're...

A. Faster than the person holding the knife.

B. Faster than the person you're with. 

C. There is a cop relatively close by. 

A and B also apply when you're faced with an animal encounter. Chances are good you won't be able to outrun a panther or bear, but if you can outrun the person you're with then that's now their problem. Might seem selfish and harsh, but that's why I pick my friends based on if they can outrun me or not. 


Me and my squad...



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