Can You Spot The 52 Movie References In This Video?

I love movies and any type of "I Spy" game so this satisfied both. I was able to get 27 after the first time I watched it, and 35 on the replay. Not too bad right? So are you a bigger movie buff than me? Do you have what it takes to get ALL 52. Doubt it but crazier things have happened. At the very least hope you enjoyed this little treasure hunt. 

Here are all of them so you can see how you did. 

Some Spoilers that I got first time watching (in Gif form) So proceed with caution. 

The baby was not one of them, just giving you another chance to scroll back up. 

The man and woman walking the Dalmatians obviously '101 Dalmatians'  

The Yellow Volkswagen 'Little Miss Sunshine'  

8 Mile Exit Sign over the lady holding a baby with a price tag of 1 million dollars. So clearly that is '8 Mile' and 'Million Dollar Baby' respectively. 

Two People Dancing by the parking lot door 'Grease' 

Guys in suits, one of my favorites 'Reservoir Dogs'  

Then above those guys are two signs for Jump Street and Elm Street. As in '21 Jump Street' and 'Nightmare On Elm Street'. 

Guy with the pig next to the Grease reference is 'Babe' which also shows two more signs one referencing a Saw and one for a Taxi. So we have 'Babe' 'Saw' 'Taxi' 

Then the door opens and dude is at a ticket booth with the word UP on the booth.

Then the girl with a dragon tattooed on her back walks across the screen (you get a better look at her later. So that's 'Girl With A Dragon Tattoo'

Phone rings and home is calling. So that's got to be my man 'ET' "Phoning Home"

Then you have an easy one in 'Cinderella' i mean come on the shoe is a dead giveaway. Followed by a group of girls walking by and that's definitely 'Clueless'

And there was a bunch more but i'm getting tired searching for Gifs. If you've made it this far thanks lol.  

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