Real Life Spider-Man Climbs Building To Save Baby Hanging From Balcony


 I'm not saying it's the most impressive thing I've ever seen, but it's the most impressive thing I've ever seen! Not everyday you're walking down the street and look up to see a child hanging from a balcony. The last time a baby was hanging from a balcony it was held by Micheal Jackson. Also, how about the insane upper body strength from that kid? Even if my life was on the line I'm dropping in about 5 seconds. Sure I have muscles and a body that would make Chris Helmsworth want to put a shirt on at the pool, but I'm dead in that situation. How about the kids dad just watching his son hanging there? Dude could have just reached over and grabbed him, instead of having our hero climb 4 stories to save his child. The craziest part is the dad left is son at home because he was playing 'Pokemon Go'! Are we being serious bro? Playing a game where you catch fake creatures and you couldn't even catch your own flesh and blood? Some positive news from this, our hero Mamoudou Gassama was a migrant and now the French government will grant him full citizenship and a job as a firefighter if he would like. I will never argue with rewarding a hero who selflessly risked his own life to save another, but just giving him a job as a firefighter seems a bit rash. I would be lying if I told you I knew everything about being a firefighter, though I assume it's a lot more than climbing a building. Anyway, incredible job by an incredible person and nothing but great things for Mamoudou Gassama. As for the kid's dad? My man, you're not fit to be a parent and on the bright-side when they take your kid away you'll have tons of free time to "catch em all!" 



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