Memorial Day Bash At Roxy's Rooftop

What a crazy Memorial Day Bash! Just as the party started, the rain stopped. After being cooped up all weekend with terrible weather, everyone was ready to cut loose. We passed out 100 Wild Water Guns which ended up filled with booze and the start of one of the biggest water gun fights ever. Then we played Eat the pink! This game was pretty simple. All you had to do was eat the most pink out of your watermelon before the timer went off. Watch the video below and find out who won the Taylor Swift tickets!



It may not look hard but those bad boys are frozen solid! For hours and hours these Wild Shirts were chilling in the freezer. Towards the end of the night we had our Frozen T Shirt Contest and watched these four struggle. Click the video below to see who won the SeaWorld tickets and got their frozen shirt on first.



If someone ever tells you they won Jay Z & Beyonce tickets in a wiener toss, trust me they are not lying. All they had to do was toss the wieners in the buns. Seems simple but when you had a few, it gets pretty hard. One team was super focused and the other...well... you will see


I present to you the Balloon Pop. You have never seen people get so competivie with balloon popping as you will in this video. It's absolutely hilarious &  we hooked the winner up with tickets to see Charlie Puth


We had such a blast partying with everyone & of course lots of laughs. Can't wait to do it again!




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