100 Concerts In One Year #43 Kenney Chesney

43rd show of 2018 #Kelsi100Concerts

100 concerts in one year...the challenge is on! If you have no idea WTF I'm talking about, click here for the full scoop. Last night thousands and thousands of people sang at the top of their lungs with Kenny Chesney! I'm pretty sure 95% of the crowd was hammered at Coral Sky but boy were they happy and having a blast. Just about everyone was doing that beer can sway dance! 


It has been 6 long years since the one and only Kenny Chesney hit the stage in West Palm! The energy was super high throughout the entire place & there were some serious good vibes flowing. Well that and all the alcohol of course.


Chesney was all kinds of charged up for his Trip Around The Sun Tour! His smile was contagious and this legit might have been one of the happiest crowds I have seen this year. Even if you're not a country fan, grab yourself a drink and go see this dude! Trust me you won't regret it.



The whole place was packed but the lawn was next level packed. There's nothing like kicking back with a cold beer after a long day and jamming out with thousands of people to a little country music just before the start of Summer. Here's a bunch of random photos from Kenny's show at Coral Sky in West Palm!


Check back and stalk this blog for a year of music and good stories. Remember, I have to average about 2-3 shows a week. You can follow all of my adventures on Instagram & Twitter @KelsiRadio! Well, until next  concert.....


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