The Sounds These Lynx Make Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever.


I've always thought house cats steal souls, so seeing their feline cousins the Lynx scream and make human like noises isn't too much of a surprise. What does surprise me, is the two people filming are not only alive but have their souls intact. You'd assume you stumble across two demons of the Canadian wilderness and it's usually the last thing you see. Demon cats aside, these two are most likely fighting over sex as it's near the end of their mating season, and their trying to "get it in" before it's too late. How do I know this? The all knowing and powerful Google! Imagine if humans did the same thing? Brad likes Amy and Amy likes Brad, but Amy also likes Chad and Chad too likes Amy. So Chad and Brad would then face off and make weird sounds at each other until one of them said "screw this, I'm hungry" and winner would Netflix and Chill with Amy. I'm glad we do the whole consent thing when finding a partner, though seeing Chad and Brad yell at each other would be fun. 

Also this guy is part Lynx. 



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