A Bad Lip Reading Royal Wedding Edition Is So Good!


HAHAHA damn do I love these Bad Lip Readings they're so well done. They come out the gate swinging too with the giraffe comment by Harry. 1,693 giraffes have been slaughter at the hands of Prince Harry. The singer, the priest, the choir and pretty much everything about this video was incredible. Aside from the hours and hours it probably takes to make,the things they come up with for them to say are too much. "A Golden Unicycle" come on that is comedic genius at work. Speaking of the Royals, you see the rules Markle needs to follow? Makes you wonder if being a Princess is even worth it. Especially if you can't banish people to dungeons like the good old days of the Monarchy. 

  1. No Selfies
  2. No Autographs
  3. No Social Media
  4. No Dark Nails
  5. No Traveling Without Mourning Clothes
  6. Curtsy Time (when in the presence of the Queen) 
  7. No Miniskirts
  8. None of that Crossed-Legged Business
  9. No Wedges (Legit read that as wedgies at first lol) 
  10. Mealtime Is at 8:30 PM 
  11. No Open Seating: At a Royal Family gathering, Meghan will always be sat next to Prince Harry.
  12.  No Room Raiding: Meaning the royal order goes as followed when entering a room, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camila, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and then most likely, Prince Harry and Markle.
  13. Never Feed After Midnight 
  14. And never get them wet. 

Okay so the last two are actual rules are for Gremlins and not Royal Rules. 

Look at Harry low-key sneaking out a royal fart...


And of course GIZMO!!!!!!



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