Trying To Drive Through A Marathon Seems Like A Bad Idea.

Warning: Strong Language 

(Start The Video At 2:28) 

WOW lady are we serious right now? What was the plan here? Did she think she could safely drive through 100's of people?!?!? " I was driving slow" okay because even going 2MPH in a 2 ton vehicle (plus her weight) could easily kill someone. Imagine training for weeks, months or years for a marathon and you have this woman drive out in front of you ruining your race time. Oh hell no, I'm looking to murder someone at that point. English accents always crack me up. They a sound so classy and proper, and hearing the worst words the English language has to offer with that accent is comical. Loved how my man tried to put that cone down in front of her car, like yep that should do it. And after that failed (surprisingly) he tried to stop the car with brute strength. Appreciate the effort but you wouldn't stop her if she hit you with a trust fall, let alone her and the car. Not a fat joke btw, just calling it like I see it. Least surprising of all she's an "I'm so and so and I do this" type of person who are easily Top 5 worst kind of people. Listen lady, the world doesn't revolve around you and nobody cares about you writing to council. Go walk or hop on your scooter (she said she's disabled) and get to where you're going. Speaking of, what did she flash at that cop in the hardhat? Looked like letters you write to your prison pen pal, not something to prove your disabled. But what do I know? England still has Kings and Queens and they drive on the funny side of the road. 

She should have went with this...

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