This Old Man Is Savage AF And Will Park How Ever He Wants.

Warning: Old Man With A Potty Mouth 


I bet 'Larry The Cable Guy' wasn't expecting this when confronting this man about the way he parked. Normally an outfit consisting of Sketchers, high socks, jorts and a very breathable button down doesn't usually indicate "I'm a gangsta!!" Though, that's why we should never judge a book by it's cover. Plus, I doubt that's prune juice in that brown paper bag and more likely grandpa's cough medicine. For those unfamiliar with that saying, there's booze in the bag. When he immediately hits him with "what the f**k you gonna do about it?" line, that's when Mater should have hauled ass out of there. That's a man who came to drink booze and kick ass, and clearly he was all out of booze. That's a man who's wife has broken him down so much over the years, he fears nothing. Or she recently passed and in that case T's and P's. Still doesn't give him the right to park like an ass, but I can at least see why he couldn't care less. His excuse of parking that way was a C- at best, but does it really matter? He could have skipped the excuse all together and just thrown another F-bomb in there. Clearly Jeff Foxworthy wasn't ready to battle this man and really had nothing to do but take the verbal assault being dished out. The old dude even hits him with a "kiss my ass" before getting in his car, basically pouring gasoline on an already dead body. Like the title of the blog says "SAVAGE AF." So if you've learned anything from this video it's if this happens to you just write a passive aggressive note on the car and keep it moving. 



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