8 Foot Gator Cruising Through Back Yards In Port St. Lucie

What a beast! That is one massive gator to come home to. Not to get all gruesome on ya, but I'm pretty sure that thing will eat your dog.  Ha, and you thought all the iguanas were crazy! Welcome to Florida....


Once the neighbors and a construction crew spotted this dude, he took off! Like a boss he slipped away into a canal behind this house. Guess he was tired of walking the neighborhood.


Hey, if you're going to live in Florida expect to see a lot of  wild life. Alligators are in more places than the water. Sometimes you even see them on roads.


Well, hopefully this doesn't freak you out too much. If one ever chases you on land, just remember to run in a zigzag pattern. I don't know if that works but as a native, I have been told that my whole life!




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