Wrap It Up Gramps! Seniors With STD's Are On The RISE Here In Florida.


First things first, congrats on the sex grandma and grandpa you're an inspiration to our younger generation. Secondly, say it with me "condoms" they could literally save your life. However I get it, like the video from our friends over at CBS 12 mention "Many seniors are too loose about sex with the prevalence of Viagra and zero risk of pregnancy....they might feel like even if they catch something they will die before they see any symptoms" So I'm sure that feels like you're playing with house money. Only thing is you're not and STD's are no joke. Low-key how much fun did the CBS crew have with this story? John Discepolo opening it up with "Sparks flying, clothes coming off, oh yes we're about to go there folks" how my man didn't even crack a smirk should win him an Emmy. Meanwhile, I'm like Jimmy Fallon during any thing he's ever done laughing at the worst times just watching it. At least when they throw things over to Mike Magnoli he has that smile I was hoping for and then flashes the condoms like a police officer flashing their badge. A++ stuff Mike! Solid job from the camera man with the most elderly b-roll imaginable. Dominoes, card playing and even a game of pool. You just show me that and I would have no clue this video was about STDs. Which makes it that much better. On a serious note, tell your parents and your grandparents have fun, be safe, and above it all WRAP IT UP! Though they will probably continue to play by their own rules.

I mean just look....



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