Ryan Reynolds Dressed As A Unicorn Singing 'Tomorrow' Is Perfection!


Just like the majestic Unicorn this was magical on every single level! No joke, I would have immediately said "that's Ryan Reynolds!!" that voice is unmistakable. I can't say this enough but Asian TV shows are the best, and I need to see if Xfinity can somehow get me a package of all their best channels. From the game shows, prank shows and whatever this falls under, I need more immediately. You have one of the biggest stars on the planet dressed up as a Unicorn singing show tunes!!! Where else would you see something like that? I assume the object of the show is to guess who's under the mask but I could be totally wrong and at this point does it matter? I'm beyond hooked and there is no cure or rehab to get me off this drug. If loving Asian TV is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Go take a look at their reactions when he reveals himself, I thought someones head was going to legit explode. Just amazing... 



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