Kid Peeing During His Dads Proposal Is The Reason We Have The Internet!


Hands pants down this is the best proposal video yet. The proposal itself wouldn't even be blog worthy as it was very sweet but nothing special. Special to the two people and their families but to everyone else it's not moving the needle. That's where my man in the Dino jacket comes in to insure his dads special moment goes viral. What makes it even better is he gives them a heads up about what's about to go down with a "I'm a pee outside" and at that same moment his dads GF goes "are you serious' but she's referring to the proposal and not the little dude about to pee, who without skipping a beat goes "yeaaah" and drops them to his ankles and let's it flow. You couldn't script this any better and will seriously be a tough video to top. 


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