Expert Says You Should Get Babies Consent Before Changing Their Diapers!


Me after watching this...


Who is this lady getting her drugs from and can I have their number? (  JK) Seriously though, is she trolling the world with this nonsense? Asking your baby for consent to change their diaper might be the dumbest thing I've heard in my life. What's next? Asking a chair for consent to sit on it! The best is she even says "of course a baby isn't going to respond" well then what the f*** do we do now genius? Just read their body language? Every baby that I've ever been around with a diaper full of crap has the same body language, it's can you please change me out of my own filth so I can refill it in a few hours. Also, hypothetically speaking what if your baby is giving you the I don't want my diaper changed vibe? You just let them chill in their own Pee Pee and Poo Poo (scientific terms only people) and risk a rash or whatever nasty things that happen with an unchanged diaper? Ironically I don't think we need this ladies consent to send her to a padded room immediately.


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