Waffle House Hero James Shaw Meets His Idol D-Wade On Ellen!


James Shaw Jr is the hero who disarmed a gunman in a Tennessee Waffle House and seems like an amazing person. Dude is so humble and just sounds like as genuine great man, father and human being, I mean the dude doesn't even want to be called a hero!! I would be asking where my statue is going and what time is my parade? D-Wade who is a future Hall Of Famer and Heat legend said it best when talking about his kids and who real role models are. That must have been an incredible moment for James. Back to D-Wade for a moment who off the court is an equally incredible dude who has been in the public eye for years and you've never heard one negative thing about him. That's proof to his character and oh by the way, he is married to one of the most gorgeous women to ever grace this planet Gabrielle Union. Last and certainly not least Ellen is just the sh*% and does so much to help others and she is easily one of my favorite people and I can't say enough nice things about. 


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