7 Hints Essential To Surviving SunFest

The Palm Beaches' biggest waterfront party kicks off tomorrow night with Logic and Billy Idol! The rest of the weekend is filled with even more incredible acts such as Zedd, Incubus, 311, Nick Jonas, Pitbull, and lots more! SunFest is the event we wait all year for and is a great way to kick off the Summer months. (Although, isn't it Summer all the time in Florida?)

If you're one of 50,000 music lovers venturing out to the West Palm Beach waterfront this weekend, follow this list to make the experience unforgettable.

Here are 7 essential hints to ensure a LEGENDARY festival weekend!

Blink 182 - SunFest 2017

1. Make A Game-Plan Before Getting Out There!

The last thing you want is to have the friend you're waiting to go see Logic with all the way down at the JetBlue stage with a mere 5 minutes to spare before he goes on at the Ford Stage! (which is what seems like a mile away). Make sure you have a game-plan before getting out there. As laid back as a festival weekend is, you don't want to miss an act because you lost track of the time or were at the wrong stage. Highly recommend downloading the Sunfest app now and making your plan! 

2. Speaking of Using Apps, Keep Your Phone Charged!

Let's take the scenario in Hint #1 and make it about a million times worse. Your friend is all the way at JetBlue stage trying to find you and OH NO! YOUR PHONE DIED! Now, you're sure to miss that band you've been dying to see. Make sure your phone is at 100% before you get there and don't snapchat every. single. detail. You'll drain your battery before the early afternoon. Consider bringing a FULLY CHARGED portable charger with you too. Don't miss that once in a lifetime shot because your phone died.

3. Think About Your Shoes

By the end of the day, there are two options for your feet. They will either thank you or be CURSING. YOU. OUT. Wear comfortable shoes to SunFest. We know it's a concert and a party, but heels or flip-flops are not the way to go. Think sneakers, flats, combat boots, anything practical.

4. Sunscreen Should Not Be Optional

The sun definitely shows itself during SunFest weekend. If you're going to be out there all day, make sure you load up on sunscreen!! There's nothing worse than coming home Saturday night bright red and not being able to enjoy Sunday now because you got a sunburn. Don't be that guy!

5. Only Carry Essentials With You

SunFest is not only a music festival, but it also has lots of art and shops and yes, vendors trying to give you free coupons, goodies, and prizes by the dozens. Don't load up your bag or pockets with stuff you don't need.

6. Buy A Parking Pass Early

SunFest offers an option to purchase parking the day before you go to the festival. If you buy from them the daily rate is $8-$15 or $30-$55 for a 4-day pass. Not doing this will force you to pay close to $40 day for a spot that's two miles away from the gate. 

7. Lastly, Find a Go-To Spot

You're not going to want to be walking around all day so assign a go-to chill out spot. Make this a place all your friends know about as well so if you do get separated, you'll know where to regroup. It can be on top the hill of the Tire King stage or a spot along the water near the JetBlue stage or next to a bar! (For some, we know that'll be the winner!)

There you have it! Take these hints to heart and your SunFest experience will be smooth sailing! We want this to be a festival you'll remember forever (in a good way!)

SunFest 2017

Source: Palm Beach Post


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