100 Concerts In One Year #36 Fort Rock Day 2

36th show of 2018 #Kelsi100Concerts

100 concerts in one year...the challenge is on! If you have no idea WTF I'm talking about, click here for the full scoop. This concert will always hold a special place in my heart, after all it's the day I met the Prince Of Darkness! Meeting Ozzy has always been a bucket list item for me and on day 2 of Fort Rock, it happened!!!! Remember to always forget about the odds of something happening. Just keep hope & dream on....even if it takes 15 years. I'll be 100% honest with you, after I met him I started to tear up. Luckily, I had my sunglasses on & then I told myself to get my life together. So yeah, I'm almost cried but saved myself from the embarrassment of being the weirdo backstage. On a side note Ozzy smells really good...who would of thought. After I met the Prince Of Darkness, I caught the end of STP's set!


During Stone Sour's set a few mosh pits broke out. Now don't freak out, this is super normal at a metal show and actually very controlled. It may look crazy but there are "codes" to moshing. For example everyone stops when the music stops. Another important thing is to pick each other up. In the video below, some crazy chick jumped in and got knocked down. You see a bunch of people immediately bring her back to her feet! Check it for yourself....

After Stone Sour, Breaking Benjamin took the stage and won everyone's heart! Once again I apologize for the crappy recording, you know I love to be super close to that stage. By the way is it just me or does the lead singer remind you of Jack from Lost?


Finally it was time for the one and only Ozzy Osbourne to take the stage. He's 69 years old, has been touring since the 70's AND everyone at Fort Rock couldn't wait for him to walk on stage. This might be the loudest Ozzy chant ever!

Get it! Zakk Wylde is one of my favorite guitarist. A few years ago Ozzy was touring with Gus G but now everything is right again. Check out some serious guitar shredding below


If you have never caught a show at Markham Park over in Sunrise, I highly recommend it. The venue is completely outdoor which is my favorite style. By the way they have great beer prices! Below are some random photos I took during the show

Check back and stalk this blog for a year of music and good stories.  Remember, I have to average about 2-3 shows a week. Well, until next  concert.....

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