You Thought Thanos Was A Problem? Wait Till You See These Tweets.


Before we get into the video, 'Avengers: Infinity Wars' is everything it was hyped up to be and then some. Thanos is such a badass I almost found myself rooting for him. Then thought what that would say about me if I liked a character who's trying to wipe out half of the universe.  So, after that momentary lapse in judgement I was Team Avengers once again. SunFest gets underway on Thursday so go see the movie before that and I'll stop talking about the movie before I give away spoilers like I'm Tom Holland. Now back to the Mean Tweets video. Love these videos and love how the celebrities have a pretty good sense of humor about them. I'd like to say I would handle them in a similar fashion, but if someone said I looked like a snapping turtle I may have to fight them. 

BONUS CONTENT! Brand New Antman Trailer. 



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