Has Anyone Ever Been This Savagely Friend-Zoned? Yikes.


Cue Marshmello and Anne-Marie's 'Friends' because this guy just got buried so deep in the Friend-zone he's basically dead. I legit felt his pain, and if that wasn't enough you had is girlfriend try and solicit dudes. "I'm Single Guys" like really? I fully expected her to list hobbies and what she likes and doesn't like in a boyfriend. Clearly bow ties and mustaches are not her thing.  Or maybe they are just not on this now broken man. You know it's bad when Wayne Brady who is an improv legend is at a loss for words, just a crazy sight to behold. I wonder how they go to the show? Did they fly or did they drive. If they drove and it's his car guess who probably had to take an Uber? Plot Twist, it was probably him because I feel this guy is so far in he still thinks he has a chance. "You know what? Why don't you take my car it says an Uber is only $22,000 from here so I'll just do that pal." 

For Your Soul Bow Tie...



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