The Japanese Just Made A REAL TRANSFORMER, Your Move America.


"Autobots Roll Out!!!" Can you believe this is a real thing? These Japanese engineers just legit created an actual functioning Transformer with people inside during the transformation. Sure you need to wear one of those big ass helmets but if that's the price it cost to be part of history it's worth it. This video was better than all of Michael Bay's 'Transformer' movies. If they could have somehow had Megan Fox show up during this demo I would put it up there as the greatest video these eyes have ever seen. What's next Japan? Actual 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'?? Japan has always been a step ahead of us when it comes to pranks, game-shows and now this! Credit where credit is do and I must tip my cap to the fine people of Japan. 


Side note: Can this thing actually drive? Was kind of hoping they would drive off at the end but they didn't and now it has me wondering. Still cool as sh** but if it can't drive I have to deduct at least one point. Sorry just calling it how I see it. 

Now time for some Transformers and Megan Fox Gifs for your (and my) enjoyment. 



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