Too Fat To Fit In Shirt, Can This Groomsman Shed The Weight In Time?


This video was better than 80% of the movies to come out in the last 10 years. I was at the edge of my seat hoping he would come out on on top and be able to fit into that shirt. Having been a groomsman for a few weddings the stress everyone is under is SO REAL. Bride is stressed, groom is stressed, their families are stressed and the job of the bridal party is basically don't cause anymore stress. Not fitting into a shirt two days before the wedding is the opposite of that. That's why it's good to get measured and fitted for suits/dresses as close to the big day as possible. This way if you pack on a few lbs you can still fit into your clothes. Glad this hero was able to fit into his shirt and it looks like the wedding went off without a hitch. Also I was here before it goes VIRAL! I believe the kids would say "First". 



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