Macauley Culking Reflects On The Most 90s Photos Ever!


Home Alone (1&2) My Girl, Uncle Buck and Richie Rich are all iconic movies to me and I'm sure many of you as well. I will even toss in 'The Good Son' though it was a horror flick and seeing an evil MC was weird for me. Dude was one of the biggest stars in the 90s (kid or adult) and was able to retire at 14!! Let that sink in, he never needed to work again at a time the most exciting thing for a boy is getting hair in strange places and thinking you're a man. Stories of how is parents were awful, controlling and basically ruined any chance at a normal childhood is sad. And I say normal childhood, as in the most normal one you could have while being as famous as Macauley. When that first pic hit from 'My Girl' I thought of how his character Thomas dies (spoiler alert) and nearly had some eye leakage. Damn it F**k Bees! All the pics were classic and the one with NPH, Will Smith and Jaleel White needs to be in textbooks when they talk about the 90s. 


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