Is Snoop Dogg The Santa Claus Of 4/20?

Did someone at your work stroll in super red eyed? Does grandma seem a little too giggly? Maybe your kid is trying to pull a fast one on you, or you yourself are taking part in 4/20. If you never heard of it, April 20th is the official "holiday" for stoners. Lots of people were tweeting Snoop about 4/20 eve and he decided to jump in on the fun!



After Snoop Dogg sent out this tweet, Twitter exploded with these pictures....


Oh my, even the police are tweeting Snoop about milk and cookies!



Here's the question... Do people set up cookies just for the picture or do you think they end up eating them?


Either way, there was a lot of baking and last minute trips to the grocery store last night


Honestly, I had to take a double look at this one. I thought the cookie pipes were something else...


Things are much different now then 20, 10 or even 5 years ago with pot. It's legal in some states and used medically in most. Are you more accepting of marijuana or flat out pissed about it? Well, good luck to you Snoop! You have cookies and milk around the world waiting for you



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