Welcome to Florida...Things Are About To Get Weird

A dildo can do many things but I'm pretty sure scaring alligators isn't one of them! If you ever find yourself inches away from one, don't try this...


Bravo sir! That's not dangerous or anything. What's the craziest thing you have seen someone tie to their car or bike?

"It's like a bowling alley and darts on steroids!" There's actually a place in Florida where you can go to drink beer and throw axes. Welcome to Ratchet Hatchet in Fort Walton Beach! Would you have divorce, birthday or corporate party here?


Not so clever after all! A Florida man legit just had his head popping out of the swamp when the police found him. Hey, he should be happy that dog is licking him and not in police mode

Oh you know, just a little evening stroll with a pet parrot on the beach. This custom cage backpack is next level stuff

All jokes aside, I'm a Florida native and love it here. It's true, weird stuff goes down all the time but hey it's part of the culture and charm.  If you have any weird Florida photos, videos & stories hit me up on my twitter @KelsiRadio

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