Woman Gets Sucked Out Of Window On Southwest Flight After Engine Explodes

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There are no words to describe how absolutely horrifying this is. When the window broke and Jennifer Riordan was sucked out, other passengers jumped up to help her. They did manage to get her back in the plane but she didn't survive. Below are photos and video's from one of the passengers, Marty Martinez. He thought this would be the final moments of his life....


The pilot Tammie, was able to land the plane safely and save the rest of the passengers. Everyone was thankful to be back on the ground but still in shock. They will never forget their flight with Jennifer Riordan, a mom of two from New Mexico


Even with all the panic among passengers, Tammie stayed calm. When the engine exploded 32,000 feet up in the air she was determine to land the plane safely. Tammie saved 143 passengers

I have flown southwest for years of my musical touring career. This pilot is amazing, have had the honor of being on Tammie's flights a handful of times she always greets everyone on and off the plane. She takes her job seriously and this is just another reason I fly southwest #codyblackbirdband #southwestairlines

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This is Southwest Airlines first deadly in flight accident &  the first U.S airline death since 2009

National Transportation Safety Board investigators examine damage to the engine of the Southwest Airlines plane that made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia on Tuesday (April 17 2018). The Southwest Airlines jet blew one of its engines at 32,000 feet causing shrapnel to smash a window, setting off a desperate scramble by passengers to save a woman from getting sucked out. She later sadly died, and seven others were injured.

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