Real Friends Push Each Other Into Shark Infested Waters...Wait, What?!?!

Warning: Some Language 


No joke but we're  fighting to the death if anyone tried to do this to me. Hell, I've punched friends before for pushing me into pools and that's without one of evolution's perfect killing machines swimming around. Some my say oh man those are just Nurse Sharks and basically harmless. Sure tell that to your remaining fingers and toes as a human nurse lets you know your doctor will be in shortly. Huge shark guy by the way, I've watched 'Shark Week' every year since I was 10 so I know their not man-eaters and most attacks are exploratory bites. But that's all it takes for me to avoid them at all costs. You'll never here about the guy getting attacked by a shark in a radio station. So I stay in my lane and let the sharks have theirs. 


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