Welcome to Florida...Things Are About To Get Weird

A Fort Pierce woman gave an excuse like no other for having cocaine in her purse. She legit told the cops that the high winds must of caused the drugs to come in through the window! The real question is.... how did the cops keep a straight face

Only in Florida would you see someone walking their pet chicken on a leash. Yep, Sammi even goes for long walks on the beach! In fact, Sammi is so  popular in her hometown that she actually has an Instagram page with photos of all her friends.

Dang! This is straight savage. A Florida woman went into McDonald's to mace her friend who she was fighting with. I can't believe her response was go check my rap video on Facebook. You're going to have to watch this one to believe it

All jokes aside, I'm a Florida native and love it here. It's true, weird stuff goes down all the time but hey it's part of the culture and charm.  If you have any weird Florida photos, videos & stories hit me up on my twitter @KelsiRadio

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