TV News Crew Films Ghost at Haunted Michigan Brewery


The launch of a paranormal-themed beer by a brewery in Michigan may have gotten some promotional help from the spirit realm during a recent TV news segment.

The brainchild of a group known as Detroit Paranormal Expeditions, the  forthcoming concoction was created by Atwater Brewery and has been  dubbed 'Hello from the Other Side.'

In anticipation of the beer's official unveiling this coming Friday the  13th, of course, the ghost hunters conducted an investigation of the brewery, since employees have purportedly had eerie experiences in the building which is actually a repurposed church from the 1930's.

TV station WDIV filmed the proceedings and, in the process, seem to have captured something rather anomalous as, in one brief snippet of footage, an odd white shape can be seen flying through the air before quickly vanishing.


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