Meanwhile In Australia...Man Takes Chainsaw Out During Road Rage Fight.


Hate to judge off one video but safe to assume this Aussie is a lunatic. Like what are you doing bro? I honestly don't even know what would cause this man to get this enraged that he ends up taking out a chainsaw. What was that dude in the jeep supposed to do? Aside from knowing they drive on the left side I'm not familiar with the proper road etiquette in Australia, but since nobody else even honked figured that dude in the jeep did nothing out of the ordinary. I'm totally making up this stat but I would say there is a 95% chance when a grown man is shirtless wearing pants and work-boots trouble is not far behind. Crocs, Dingoes, Snakes, Spiders and chainsaw yielding maniacs are just a few of the ways the Land Down Under can put you six feet under. 


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