My Top 5 Favorite Snorkel Moments Captured On My GoPro

Shark! Growing up I was terrified of sharks, especially after seeings Jaws. As I got older, that fear left me. Maybe it's a good thing, maybe it's not. Honestly, I feel like sharks are not here to devour us the moment we jump into the ocean. I believe if you respect them and are not threatening them, you will be fine. However, if you put yourself in a bad situation like in the middle of a breading over. My husband worries about my curiosity and always says to me as I'm walking out the door, "sharks are not your friends." Lol I get that he would prefer for me to swim the other way when I see one but I have always been a moth to the flame. Now, great white sharks...they're not my friends. That's the one shark I'm legit terrified of. Okay, now that my shark rant is's a video of me attempting to free dive by the Blue Heron Bridge. This nurse shark was chilling by a small reef

This one was just pure luck! On my way in from snorkeling off Singer Island near the inlet, a giant manatee cruised by. It was a perfect moment, I was heading in...and he was heading out. Even though I see lots of animals in the ocean, I never chase or touch them. When I went to Hawaii I really admired how much respect they had for the ocean and all the creatures. I brought that home with me

Speaking of Hawaii, snorkeling at night there was one of the most creepy/amazing things I have ever done. I was on my honeymoon and originally wanted to go in a shark cage to swim with a great white shark. After thinking about it, I was like what if something goes crazy in the shark cage and we become one of those couples that died on our honeymoon. Seriously, that is how I ended up hitting the water at night with the manta rays. It was less intense but still an incredible experience. The swells were big that night and I was so sea sick. I still don't know how I didn't throw up in my snorkel. During the night, I thought about getting out but my stubbornness kept me going. That's when this magical moment happened...

Boy there's nothing worst then getting the boat all ready on the weekend and then it doesn't start! Okay, all jokes aside this little boat is near the Blue Heron Bridge and a popular stop on the snorkel trail.

Sometimes when you mess up it's the best thing ever. During a snorkel trip in Turks & Caicos, I ended up filming this video upside down. Hopefully, it doesn't make you dizzy. On a side note, the water is gorgeous there.


Bam! I'm going to hit you with a random bonus one. It was sprinkling outside and I figure what the hell. I'm going to go to one of my favorite little local spots. Outside it looked terrible but underwater it was a different world. Remember, don't let the rain stop you, especially if you're already going to get wet...

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