Possible UFO 'Mothership' Filmed in North Carolina


The interesting piece of footage above was filmed in Columbus, North Carolina and has paranormal enthusiasts scratching their heads.  Some believe this could show a possible UFO mothership.

Yes, we admit the footage is pretty dark but you can see a set of lights hovering in the sky with two in the center being particularly bright and two pairs of lights fanning out on each side from the middle.

The object in the sky appears to be some kind of triangular shape... but that is just speculation since it's pretty hard to tell.

The person behind the camera made sure to film the moon a few times during the odd sighting to provide something to compare with the objects as far as their size and height. 

We can almost rule out this video being a hoax of some kind since the video is not particularly fantastic.  Those individuals who don't think it's a UFO mothership have speculated that is could be a secret government test craft.

The man shooting the footage sounds genuinely mystified by what he is watching unfold in the sky above him.


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