It's Monday So Here's Two Women Failing To Shotgun Some Natty Lights

posted by Carmine - 

Warning: Drops S Bomb 

It's Monday for me too people, so here's a wonderful video of nonsense. 

Everything that could have went wrong, went wrong @chicksinthewild

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If the idea behind shotgunning beers was to never actually drink any of it then these two nailed it! That brown-haired chick stabbed those beers like she was Michael Myers in the 'Halloween' movies. Seriously, can you come across looking anymore like a psychopath? That knife in hand and smile on her face is enough to haunt her future boyfriends/girlfriends dreams forever. What I'm saying is 'like' only her stuff on Instagram or else. Meanwhile the blonde has no concept of gravity and the Laws of Physics because that can needed to be tilted up so the beer wouldn't come pouring out. Get it together for next time rookies. 


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