Does Your Wedding Even Count If You Don't Have A Flying Veil? I Say No


GAME CHANGER!!!! History is filled with iconic and revolutionary events, invention of the wheel, the car, TV, Cellphone and the list goes on and on. All that seems very 'meh' when you consider how lucky we are to be alive during the invention of the 'Flying Veil'. Seriously, what kind of magic is at play here? Are they deceased relatives of the bride who are now ghosting it up and performing at weddings? That's my best guess. Some will say "Carmine, are you an idiot? It's attached to some kind of wire and pulley mechanism!" Yea that's exactly what the Chinese want us to think. Weddings are a place we can all go and have a good time drinking for free and guessing when the happy couple will get divorced. Now you're telling me there might be a magic show too!?!?! Sign me up and I may even bring a gift. 



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