Welcome to Florida...Things Are About To Get Weird

Only in Loxahatchee would this be a thing! Nothing like having a dead 9 foot gator rotting away in your backyard. Can you believe they told her to poke it so the gas would come out?



Wow! This Florida chick really didn't know she was 37 weeks pregnant? Crystal Gail from Pensacola, thought she had a bad case of food poisoning after going to town on some Chinese food but turns out she was having a little baby boy


Officer these are just my daily vitamins! William Dwayne Washington was busted by cops after they found a bag of heroin in his pocket. He then decided his best best was to hit them with the vitamin card...


All jokes aside, I'm a Florida native and love it here. It's true, weird stuff goes down all the time but hey it's part of the culture and charm.  If you have any weird Florida photos, videos & stories hit me up on my twitter @KelsiRadio


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