How An Episode Of 'The Office' Saved This Squirrels Life!

Warning: Some Langauge 


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Did that really just happen? I can't believe she saved this bushy tailed rat by performing CPR she learned from watching 'The Office'. Which by the way is one of the greatest shows ever and if you've never watched make some time and go binge. Squirrels have always sketched me out and I feel it's only a matter of time before one strikes. Something about them I just don't trust, but I love animals and seeing this hero save one's life was really incredible. Don't know how that squirrel ended up in a fountain because clearly he is not the best of swimmers. And yes I did just Google can Squirrels swim? The results are yes they can, they just prefer not to. That squirrel went from running towards that big tree in the sky to waking up in a shoe box. The sound people made when she released the squirrel was a hybrid of pure joy and holy Sh**t that squirrel is alive!!! I know I would have screamed "Zombie Squirrel!! KILL IT WITH FIRE".  



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