Am I Going To Hell For Laughing At This Dude Knock Himself Out? Probably.


This 'Sri Lanka's Got Talent' contestant has something just not sure it's talent. I mean has he done this before? I figured his qualifications went as followed...

  1. Karate Gi...CHECK 
  2. Black Belt...CHECK 
  3. Ability To Do A Split...CHECK 
  4. Bricks, Logs And Other Props...CHECK 
  5. Highly Skilled In Karate And Breaking Stuff...EHHHHH UMMM Kinda? 

This man legit knocked himself out cold and his boys needed to run over to pick up his lifeless body. To his credit or the fact he didn't know where he was he kept on going. You don't become a Black Belt by quitting when things get rough. Being the showman and most eligible bachelor in Sri Lanka he knew there was one more set of bricks that needed smashing and nobody (including himself) was going to stop him. So crooked neck and all he wobbled his woozy ass towards that final stack because the show must go on. Then shockingly he wasn't able to break through all those bricks and the judges knew it was time to call it. The last thing a popular show like 'Sri Lanka's Got Talent' needs is an accidental suicide and we got pretty damn close. 



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