Why Do You Want A Crowbar? Because It's A F***ing Crowbar!

Warning: Basically Ever Other Word Is A Curse. ENJOY! 


(Before You Call Me Out For Saying This Video Is Years Old, I Know it is but I've never seen it before so it's new to me...Hate On.) 

This video might be my latest and favorite internet gem. Have you ever seen anyone use a crowbar in real life? Figured they're just a weapon used in video games and to break into homes in movies and that's pretty much it. Seriously do you own a crowbar? That's what I thought and the reason these people waited 10 hours for a crowbar (which is insane if true). Honestly has anyone been more honest about literally anything than that legend being interviewed? Doubt it. He knows this is his chance to obtain something few people have and even fewer use. 

Also so you have some context to go along with the video as they weren't just waiting hours and hours for just a crowbar. This was at a Supreme store in NYC in 2015 as they drop their Fall/Winter line or some crap like that. See video below. 


See use of crowbar in video games. 


Crowbars used to break into homes in movies. 



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