Man Attacks Actors In Attempt To "Save Jesus" Who BTW Is Also An Actor.

You can watch the whole thing or skip to the :31 second mark. 

Jesus Christ how realistic was this play??!?! When you have an audience member jumping on stage trying to save what they believe to be their Lord and Savior your parking lot play was a success. This man felt it was his chance to rewrite history. People thousands of years ago couldn't save Jesus and that was most likely due to the fact they didn't have motorcycle helmets. You're not going to take on a Roman solider armed with swords and covered in armor without one. That would just be insane. 

So with helmet in hand and the power of the Almighty backing him up this man went for it. Pretty sure Roman Guard #3 has a concussion because that shot to the back of the head was a brain scrambler. Then he followed that up with a quick kick to the back of the leg and was ready to finish off RG3. That's when the rest of Pontius Pilate's goons come in to save their friend. However that doesn't stop the carnage as it quickly turns into a push fight of biblical proportions. In a strange twist you can see some of the Apostles jump in to help the Romans, and at that point the fight goes out of frame and God knows what happens next. 

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