Escalator 'Eats' Turkish Man At Istanbul Train Station

Security footage from a train station in Turkey shows a crazy scary moment when an escalator malfunctions, opens up and swallows a commuter!

In the video above, you can see people riding up and down the escalators at a station in Istanbul during a busy rush hour.  All of a sudden, a malfunction happens which causes the descending escalator to stop and a large gap opens up between the steps.  And for one unlucky rider, Mehmet Ali Erik, that happened directly below his feet!

Erik can be seen clinging to the railing of the escalator for dear life before falling into the hole.  And to make matters worse, the mechanical stairway seems to recover from whatever caused the issue, leaving Erik trapped beneath the steps.

According to Turkish media, it took an hour for workers at the station to free Erik, who suffered a broken arm from the fall and, most likely, a fear of taking any escalators in the future.

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