So Who Else Is All In On Using Giant Alligators At Gender Reveal Parties?


Gender reveal parties are the absolute worst. I don't know exactly when they became a thing but if I had a time machine and could only use it ONCE it would be to stop them from ever happening. "So Carmine of all the things you could use a time machine for you would use it to stop gender reveal parties from becoming popular?" Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying get your own time traveling device if you have a problem with that. Having said that, using an Alligator certainly makes things a little more interesting. Now I'm not saying it changes my stance on gender reveal parties, but I would be lying if I told you I wasn't getting a front row seat with an ice cold beer in my hand if invited. Shockingly this wasn't in Florida and I'm a little disappointed by that. We are pretty much the mecca of dumbass things done by dumbass people. We dropped the ball here, and not the one that gator bit through to reveal the gender. So congrats Louisiana you have won this battle. Some other questions, was this a "trained' gator? And I put "trained" in quotes because I've seen plenty of trained gators and crocs take off limbs and chomp on faces. Is there a company that specializes in party gators? One of the low-key best moments of this video is I think the guy in the blue is wearing Crocs. If he is the irony is priceless. So congrats to this family and couple on their baby boy. With intelligent parents like this I see a bright future ahead. 

SIDE NOTE: Could you imagine if this family was Jewsih?!?! That Bris would be INSANE! Forget the Rabbi this family has a gator to snip a little off the top. 



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