Guy Taking A Dump Has Random Kid Crawl Into His Stall Asking For Help!


Reason #34587 why I don't poop in public restrooms, you just never know what can happen. And this is probably best case scenario. The kid is so adorably innocent and oblivious to the fact he is crawling on a bathroom floor talking to a stranger taking a dump. Sure Chic Fil A is one of the cleanest if not cleanest fast food chains BUT it's still a bathroom floor. Our man on the bowl handled this situation about as well as one could. He didn't scare the kid or yell at him because let's be real this isn't a normal situation or one you plan for. This kid probably has some good parents considering he wanted to wash his hands after using the bathroom something many adults don't do. However, they might want to give him a talk about proper public bathroom etiquette and avoid situations like this going forward. 


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