Ghost Filmed Lurking in Stairwell

We have another possible ghost sighting!  Check out the spooky piece of security camera footage below the shows an eerie anomaly hovering beneath the stairwell of a building.


Sadly, we don't know too much about its origin or location aside from claims that is was captured by CCTV cameras around 2 o'clock in the morning.

As you watch the footage, you can see an odd white anomaly that is floating under the stairs for a fair amount of time before it quickly disappears into the night. 

We don't know the location of the video... so it's impossible to figure out any potential identity of the apparition but many people are thinking it's the ghost of a child based off the size. 

Skeptics are saying the "spirit" is likely just an insect or a speck of dust which became briefly illuminated by the lights inside the building.

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