Calling It Now, Deadpool 2 Will Be The BEST Superhero Movie Ever!

Warning: Language And Violence (It's Deadpool people) 


Deadpool 2  was recently tested and it got a better score than the first one. That seems crazy to me because the first Deadpool was near perfect. We know their going to amp up the action and push the boundaries comedic wise. When it comes to sequels it's usually best to keep your expectations in check, but not this time. Bet the house that Deadpool 2 will be the greatest Marvel movie of all-time. That includes Avengers Infinity Wars that drops in April. What makes this movie so special is the ability to make fun of it's self and superhero movies in general. Plus we need to give credit where credit is do and Ryan Reynolds was born for this role and I can't imagine anyone doing a better job. 


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