Carpool Karaoke Featuring Kids With Down Syndrome Is EVERYTHING!


World Down Syndrome Day is tomorrow (March 21st) and this video hit me right in the feels and kept on hitting. I found myself smiling and crying almost immediately, it's just that incredible. When you break it down it's just a video of moms and their kids singing in a car, but at the same time it's so much more. The love you feel in this video is undeniable and if you can't feel that love you might be heartless. Sorry, just calling it like I see it. Reading the comments on this video you can see how much this means to so many people. What some may view as a burden, raising a kid with Down Syndrome or any disability is actually a blessing. These kids have made their moms and dads not only better parents but better people. Just watching this video makes me want to be better and do more as a person in general. That's why we should all simplify things and just love one another, it's really not that hard. Do you understand the power we all have if we just cared more about each other? Instead of judging someone who seems different or "weird" how about saying hello and maybe getting to know them. 9 times out of 10 you will see we're not that different and just want to be loved and included. I'm not trying to preach and tell you to go and change the world, but if this video inspired you to at least look at the world differently it's a start. Enjoy and if you want more info on World Down Syndrome Day here you go

Awesome how both Christina Perri and James Cordon gave this the love it deserves. 



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