How Does It Feel That This 100 And 102 Year-Old Can Run Faster Than You?


I've never felt lazier than I did watching these two shock the world and break records. IF I ever make it to 100 (and that's a big "IF")  I can tell you I won't be running races. My ass didn't even want to wake up after getting 12 hours of sleep last night. No joke, I'm pretty sure my back hurts from sleeping too long. "Carmine how can your back hurt from sleeping too long?". I don't know, I'm not a doctor just putting the puzzle pieces together one BS excuse after another. Wonder what kind of tailgate situation they have at these races? Not a huge race guy as I'm a big believer in running only when someone or something is chasing you. This however is different, and I'm so down to crack a few cold ones in the parking lot and get ready to cheer on my favorite grandmas and grandpas. Need to find out where these races are held and if they don't have some in Boca that's a huge opportunity missed IMO. Boca should be the mecca for finding the next great talent like Orville Rodgers and Julia "Hurricane" Hawkins. You have to also wonder if they drug test the athletes? Could you imagine if doping was a huge problem in races like this? Not trying to point fingers but my man in the green (video below) blew away the competition. Can someone get a pee sample next time he gets up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom? Just saying. Now back to my man Orville who is dripping in swag with those fresh yellow kicks. Like Deon Sanders once said "Look Good, Play Good" and Orville did both. Julia "Hurricane" Hawkins  at 102 is about as a adorable as they come and also a certified boss with a nickname to match. "Hurricane" is a nicknamed earned and not given and if it wasn't for a late start she would have had an even better time. You can say it was nerves or the fact she probably couldn't hear the gun in the first place. Either way sign her up to play on my team any day. Hopefully this could be a little Monday motivation for all of us who need it. If these two fossils can still run races at 100 and 102 respectively, what's your excuse? 

P.S. Use of the term "Fossil' was for comedic purposes only and does not represent the views of this author, Wild 955 Or iHeartMedia. If it offended you in anyway we apologize and you may be in need of a sense of humor. 



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