SCARY! Ski Lift Malfunction Is Something Out Of Final Destination


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That was terrifying and a legit miracle everyone survived. One lady was even pregnant!! Which is crazy to me because why are you skiing pregnant? I would think skiing is on the 'Don't Do While Pregnant List' even without the demonic ski lift trying to end lives. Have you ever been on a ski lift? They're scary as is, especially considering your feet are locked into your skis or snowboard. Plus that ski lift was packed and it was one after another,after another. Even if you see people in front of you being demolished you're pretty much helpless and that's one of the scarier parts. Sure you can try and jump earlier but you're also high up and snow can only cushion a fall so much. Fortunately everyone survived or I would have never posted this. Just shows you how quickly things can go from an epic day on the slopes to one of the most terrifying moments of your life.  


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